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Free online skill games

Free online skill games Skill videogames require quick reflexes and agility in moving the controls on the keyboard, joystick or keypad. What you have to hit an enemy ship, to drive a car along a road full of twists and boulders, climb a tower, or break down a wall, great skill is what you need to win.

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Play the biggest PAC-MAN game online!

If you were (or maybe still are) a passionate PAC-MAN player you won't resist to this website, offering you loads of different mazes to play! It's easy to use and completely free. You use your arrow keys to move PAC-MAN through the maze and can adjoin mazes at any time. You can play with your Facebook ...
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307 visits

Moo Lander: catch the cows

Moo Lander is completely addicting arcade game fun. Ever wonder where all those cows go? The classic game of Moon Lander with a moo-riffic twist. Move your ship into position above a cow and activate your tractor beam to pick up the cow. You need to pick up all the cows to advance to the next level. ...
Rating: 7.25, 4 Votes
2324 visits

Ballistic Biscuit: free online games

You are an adventurous dude just looking for a little summer fun. Move your mouse cursor left and right to move the rubber dingy. Avoid the objects in the water that could knock you off. Press the mouse button to jump right over those objects, giving you more points.
Rating: 1.00, 1 Votes
1769 visits

Sky Punks: new free game by Rovio for Android and iOS

The Rovio team, developers of the extremely popular Angry Birds game, now presents Sky Punks, an endless-runner for free download on Android and iOS devices. You will have to control a band of punk pilots of Glidewing (a super-powered aircraft). You have to move on a path strewn with obstacles that ...
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1465 visits

3D Asteroids free game

This is the first game ever to convert the classic arcade game Asteroids to full 3D: enjoy it free! GrassGames' 3D Asteroids uses an unique 6 view split mode, so asteroids can be seen coming in from all directions. You can hear what direction it is coming from due to the 3D sound effects in the game. ...
Rating: 7.00, 1 Votes
1172 visits

Junk Yard Frog: free Flash games online

This site, which focuses on the character of a cute frog, contains hundreds of free and web-based games belonging to various categories: arcade, adventure, action, board games, card games, puzzle, racing, role-playing games, shooters, skill and sport games.
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1807 visits

Nesbox: online Nintendo emulator - fabulous retrogaming!

NESbox is an emulator of the Nintendo Entertainment System, built with the Adobe Flash technology, which can be launched directly in the browser without installing any plug-ins. It allows you to relive the past by playing famous games for Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo SNES, including Super Mario Bros. ...
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2053 visits

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