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Free software for printing

Free software for printing Free software that allows you to make prints easily, with a simple click of the mouse. Or to monitor the processes of the printer, to print labels and large posters. Here you also find programs for your scanner and printer enabling you to use your printer as a copier, i.e. to copy your documents even without having access to a photocopying machine.

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Photocopier by Nico Cuppen: copy without a copier

Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine the two into a copier? You no longer need a Xerox if you have Photocopier. This is how it goes: insert a document into your scanner, start Photocopier Pro and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. That's ...
Rating: 7.15, 13 Votes
4447 visits

iCarbon: turn your printer into a photocopier

iCarbon allows you to combine your printer and scanner into a photocopier using a small and fast program. All TWAIN-compatible scanners on your computer can be acquired with one click, as can all your printers. Scan/Print is just one simple operation.
Rating: 7.31, 53 Votes
6244 visits

Posteriza Vers.1.1

You can use Posteriza to design and print your own posters and cartels. Posteriza is very easy to use. In few minutes you'll get a big personalized cartel. Try it!
Rating: 7.53, 17 Votes
5045 visits

Make your own poster from a picture with PosteRazor!

The PosteRazor cuts a raster image into pieces which can afterwards be printed out and assembled to a poster. As input, the PosteRazor takes a raster image. The resulting poster is saved as a multipage PDF document. An easy to use, wizard like user interface guides through 5 steps. PosteRazor is available ...
Rating: 8.50, 2 Votes
3213 visits


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