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Jemlit: try to win iPhone and other with Mystery eBox

Jemlit: try to win iPhone and other with Mystery eBox screenshot

Jemlit is a website that offers Mystery eBoxes containing various products ranging from technology to household items. To start playing, users need to create a free account and add credit to it. Each Mystery eBox contains a number of products associated with a certain brand or category, and every product has a different probability of being found when opening the eBox. Jemlit uses a completely random algorithm to ensure fair treatment for all users. After opening the eBox, users can choose to keep the product or reject it. In the former case, the prize is delivered to their home for free, while in the latter, they receive credit equal to the value of the product found. While it's a bit like gambling, Jemlit offers the opportunity to get valuable products at discounted prices, and it can be fun to try opening a Mystery eBox.
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Language: Italian - English - Spanish - French - Updated on 23-Jun-2024.

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