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Find museums you can visit for free!

Find museums you can visit for free! Various museums, art galleries, historical monuments and castles all over the world can be visited for free. Here you can find information about cathedrals, open-air museums like botanic gardens or aquaria which can be visited for free or with special discounts. You may also have a fantastic virtual museum tour and see Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper, the Museo del Prado, Royal Palaces, and more!

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HAL9000 - Art images in HD

On this website you can browse high definition art images like Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' and observe them in their smallest details by using a zoom tool.
Rating: 4.00, 2 Votes
3664 visits

Visit The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's for free!

The California Academy of Sciences is the only place on the planet with an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and a 4-story rainforest all under one roof. It's a stunning architectural achievement with hundreds of unique exhibits and nearly 40,000 live animals. On their site you can ...
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601 visits

Museum Of Satire And Caricature

The Museum Of Satire And Caricature is at found Forte dei Marmi (Lucca) and can be visited for free from June to September. It is unanimously considered the capital of political satire: more than 35.000 visitors every year, more than 200 cartoonists from different countries participate in the exhibition. ...
Rating: 2.00, 1 Votes
1450 visits

National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

The Museum's collections tell the history of science and technology in many areas: from the models that show the genius of Leonardo, to instruments for representing the universe, from devices for recording and reproducing sound to those for telecommunications, from metallurgy to the first engines, and ...
Rating: 9.50, 2 Votes
2511 visits

All about Greek arts and artists

At you will find information on Greek artists, galleries and other art related links around the Internet. This site also offers the unique opportunity to Greek artists to present their art through the world wide web and reach an audience of millions that would had otherwise been unreachable. ...
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646 visits

Virtual tour of Amsterdam on

The Channels site offers a virtual tour of Amsterdam with hundreds of images and links to all Amsterdam has to offer. You can start at random in the Center or start at the Central station. You can take a Taxi or use the map to go to the area you like. There are more than 1000 reviews with ratings on ...
Rating: 6.00, 1 Votes
1526 visits

Virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums

On the Vatican Museums site you can make a virtual visit the Sistine Chapel and not lose any detail thanks to a digital tour that you make on this page. Move with the arrows and zoom to 360 degrees and admire the walls and ceilings decorated by Michelangelo. You may wish to remove the soundtrack with ...
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1955 visits

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