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Kemuland  cool

Kemuland is the key to the emulation world. It was created for those interested in retrogaming and past memories. If you remember Pac-Man, Puzzle Bobble and Paper Boy and you would like playing them again, this is the right place to you. The site also has an excellent computer section with the description of computers that have characterized our past. Playing again your favourite games will be a wonderful feeling and lots of fun.

Rating: 8.60, 84 Votes
35387 visits

Train driving simulator  cool

OpenBVE is an open source, free of charge train driving simulator. This simulator is capable of using routes and trains originally written for BVE Trainsim. OpenBVE will simulate starting resistance, inertia, curve resistance, gravity, toppling, couplers between cars (including buffers and chain couplers), air resistance, air pressure, air temperature, wheel slip and much more. Download it now and get a train ride!

Rating: 8.54, 24 Votes
28516 visits

Dafont: free fonts for everybody  cool

Dafont is one of the richest font sites, where you can really find loads and all kinds of fonts suitable for Mac and Windows. The fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. By registering you can create selections (to compare fonts side by side even if they are not followed in the themes or the alphabetical sort), add font comments, submit and update your own fonts.

Rating: 8.01, 58 Votes
28824 visits

Animation Factory - 3D Animations and Clipart  cool

Over 400,000 animated graphics, PowerPoint templates, stock video clips, and backgrounds available. These allows you to quickly and easily create fun and professional emails, websites, DVDs, videos, and presentations. Click on a category to browse the free animated GIF samples.

Rating: 8.00, 271 Votes
37456 visits

Karaoke 5  cool

An excellent manager of files Karaoke MID, KAR and MP3 for executions live without losses of time. It also allows wordbox and solton, the creation and basic modifying of Karaoke with an evolved system of synchronisation that allows to synchronize the text with the music. Besides you have the possibility to search the songs on the Internet, create a personal playlist and a database with instant search.

Rating: 7.40, 128 Votes
28047 visits

Deezer - Free music on demand  cool

Deezer is a free jukebox radio. You can search for a song, and then click on the play button to listen to your favourite song! The music is encoded and uploaded by users and streamed via Flash by the site. Deezer is the first free music-on-demand website with more than 1,5 million tracks. You can create your playlists and upload your entire song library.

Rating: 6.00, 21 Votes
28805 visits

FreeTranslation  cool

Yesterday you had to learn a language to understand others... today you don't! Free2Professional Translation is one of the most popular websites of its kind, with in excess of 1.5 million visitors per week. FreeTranslation is an easy-to-use site, allowing you to obtain free translations of both text and web pages. They also offer two great translation services at very low price, a chat-translator and a desktop translator. Unleash the power of Instant Multilingual Messaging and Instant Translations from your Desktop... talk to anyone in your language!

Rating: 7.26, 191 Votes
43440 visits

Systran - Translate any text in just 2 clicks  cool

At Systran you'll find ready-to-go online translation services to transform your website, texts and files into a multilingual medium. Extend your reach worldwide in real time! Whether it's Web content, PDF documents, Word, Outlook, any written text, and so much more. Translation needs come in all varieties, different and specific-purpose content types, styles, file formats, and languages. SYSTRAN offers a wide range of products and online services that are successfully used to solve real translation problems for consumers, businesses of all sizes, and government and public administrations.

Rating: 7.21, 180 Votes
34406 visits

Rojadirecta: Watch sport for free on the Internet  cool

Rojadirecta is one of the biggest sports streams index sites. On Rojadirecta you can watch free football matches and other sports events for free in a few minutes. Just open the Sports schedule and select the match you want to see. The channels must be opened around 30 minutes before the start of the event in order to receive and share the channel 'signal' properly, otherwise you will not receive enough data from enough peers.

Rating: 8.62, 13 Votes
40278 visits

Fun videos with!  cool

Da morir dal ridere! Get the best internet videos by clicking on the Video tab on this site! Uffa Videos offers a collection of free funny movies, humor videos, viral ads, funny commercials and other video clips in various formats. New funny videos are added to the site regularly, so don't forget to bookmark this site and to visit it often!

Rating: 8.79, 82 Votes
35529 visits


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