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Sites about scientific culture on the Internet

Sites about scientific culture on the Internet Looking for resources, articles, online magazines, websites and search engines dedicated to science? You can find them in this section. For even greater spreading of scientific findings.

3 sites in this channel out of 3238 in the database.

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WorldWide Telescope

WWT is a Windows-based application that uses images and data stored on remote servers enabling you to explore some of the highest resolution imagery of the universe available in multiple wavelengths. With this free program you can turn your PC into a telescope, explore the universe and visit galaxy ...
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1138 visits

Periodic Table of the Elements

Relative atomic masses are expressed with five significant figures. For elements that have no stable nuclides, the value enclosed in brackets indicates the mass number of the longest-lived isotope of the element. You can download for free paper models of crystal systems and a printable periodic table. ...
Rating: 7.33, 3 Votes
4591 visits

en find out what the name of that bird is

Whether you have just started to feed birds in your back yard or have been birding for years, identifying the birds you see is a large part of the fun and challenge of the hobby of "bird watching." The emergence of the Internet, the Web and digital photography will make it easier for those interested ...
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