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Free jigsaw puzzles to play online!

Free jigsaw puzzles to play online! A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces. Find different jigsaw puzzles every day. Play eye-catching puzzles with just a mouse-click and without the fear of loosing pieces! You can also turn your photos into beautiful jigsaw puzzles and share them with friends.

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GameScene: free online games

CleverMedia has been developing and publishing Web-based games since 1995. You can play head-to-head against others in free online games like chess, checkers, reversi, backgammon, jigsaw puzzles, and more with the multiplayer games. Or check out some of their experiments and beta test some new free ...
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629 visits

Start The Rockets: free puzzle game for Android

A high-quality videogame for Android on the theme of fireworks, very suitable for the touchscreen. In this puzzle you are invited to enter an abandoned fireworks factory, where pyrotecnics are stored in boxes. You have a lighter in your pocket and then you can have fun lightning the fireworks, creating ...
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1925 visits

Ball Panic: fun and free ability game for iOS

Ball Panic is a smartphone game that requires patience, good reflexes and a concentration. In front of you comes a bowl in which colorful balls fall on each other at a constant pace. Your mission is to make them disappear by blowing them up before they reach the limit. But by exploding the balls one ...
Rating: 10.00, 2 Votes
1142 visits

Falling Sand Game

If you don't know what to do, why not play with... sand! The game involves four different particles falling from the top of the screen, which all look and move similar to sand. The particles resemble sand, water, salt, and oil in color. Along with these four, additional elements can be placed on the ...
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878 visits

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite

Free jigsaw puzzle software with lots of puzzles included. Whenever you're boiling at work - solve a puzzle, it'll relieve the stress. Whenever you're bored at home - solve a puzzle, it'll entertain you for sure. Whenever you can't wait for your airplane to start landing, solve a puzzle - you'll wish ...
Rating: 5.33, 3 Votes
2407 visits

Gaia Dream Creation - puzzles, screensavers, and more

Gaia offers you 3D games, desktop wallpapers, 3D screensavers and multimedia desktop applications! The 3D jigsaw puzzle game allows you to play jigsaw puzzles on your computer by selecting your favorite images and the number of pieces. The 3D jigsaw puzzle screensaver animates your screen with stunning ...
Rating: 4.50, 2 Votes
3801 visits

Palm OS games, tools, utilities and more

This is THE site for Palm owners. You find some nice games like: Meteor is an amazing Breakout remake for Palm; or become a lucky gambler in the Jackpot Casino and with Mobile Jigsaw you can generate as many your own puzzles as you like. As tools we list: FullPower, a tool to control the battery threshold ...
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705 visits

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