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All about free 3D graphics and its applications

All about free 3D graphics and its applications In this section you will find many sites that offer information, apps, tools, tutorials, and models for 3D graphics. In this channel you also find free software for modeling, rendering and 3D animation, templates and patterns, HDRI maps, galleries, forums and communities about 3D CAD, and much more.

16 sites in this channel out of 3238 in the database.

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Animation Factory - 3D Animations and Clipart  cool

Over 400,000 animated graphics, PowerPoint templates, stock video clips, and backgrounds available. These allows you to quickly and easily create fun and professional emails, websites, DVDs, videos, and presentations. Click on a category to browse the free animated GIF samples.
Rating: 8.00, 271 Votes
37943 visits

Snapily - Create customized cards and notebooks with animation!

With Snapily you can bring your 2D pictures to life in a surprising flat card by using any two regular digital pictures. Just pick your favourite photos and watch them alternate on your card! They are really amazing and easy to create. You can try it for free and share your creations on your blog or ...
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666 visits

123D Sculpt: free app for 3D modeling on iPad

With his beautiful free app for iPad by Autodesk you can model objects with your fingertips, just as if I had the dough between your fingers. You can perform rotations, symmetries, apply colors, textures or decorations. You can start by choosing an object from the database provided. If you want, you ...
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3335 visits

Terragen: 3D landscape design and rendering - some free downloads for you

Terragen is a scenery generator, for creating photorealistic landscape images and animations. It is free for personal use and available for Windows and the Mac OS. It is already capable of near-photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation. Terragen ...
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975 visits

SkyORB - 3D free space simulation and star gazing utility

SkyORB is a 3D planetarium, star gazing and epheremis, based from engine. It features a modern 3D interface, search engine, a large catalog of stars, planets, moons and updatable comets, satellites and asteroids database, and let you choose see the actual sky from any point on Earth or from ...
Rating: 10.00, 2 Votes
1892 visits

ABC AutoCAD: Free open-source graphical software

In this page you find some of their samples of plugins for AutoCAD. ABC AutoCAD software in this page is free and opensource (i.e. it comes supplied with the source code, so that you can be sure that it does not contain spyware, malware or other disturbing elements). And you can also copy, modify, give ...
Rating: 7.50, 10 Votes
6450 visits

Yobi3D: search engine for free 3D models

It has been defined as 'the Google of 3D Printable Models'. In fact, Yobi3D is a search engine restricted to three-dimensional models which are available on the web. All models may be zoomed and rotated directly on the browser page. You can search by keyword or by file format and combine the two parameters ...
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773 visits

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