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Free e-mail addresses

Free e-mail addresses There are many services that provide free lifetime e-mail addresses which can be accessed using traditional POP or simply through a HTML page. You can also get free e-mail access and take advantages of cool related services.

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IncrediMail - Feel the thrill  cool

IncrediMail is a world leader in providing e-mail client programs. This is free downloadable software, that intensifies and makes e-mailing more fun and attractive, and is currently used by more than 75,000,000 registered users worldwide and growing every day! Add some fun to your e-mail with smileys, ...
Rating: 7.47, 140 Votes
27011 visits

WiseStamp: free e-mail apps

With WiseStamp e-mail apps you can easily add your most relevant personal and brand information to every e-mail you send. With a snap you can promote your latest company news, Twitter tweet or blog posts. With WiseStamp it is really simple to add social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), ...
Rating: 10.00, 1 Votes
860 visits

Safer e-mail with Benign by FireTrust

Did you know viruses and e-mail worms can run automatically just by reading your e-mail? What about links called web bugs that automatically confirm you have a valid address as soon as you preview your e-mail? If this happens, you have a good chance that some marketing companies will start sending you ...
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751 visits

Deduper remove duplicated e-mails from Outlook

Topalt Deduper is a simple and easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for removing duplicated items in Microsoft Outlook. It can find and remove (delete or move to another folder) duplicated appointments, contacts, e-mails, journals, notes, and tasks. The search criteria are customizable to accurately identify ...
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989 visits

Learn more about AWeber's e-mail autoresponders

Learn about the most reliable, easiest, cost-effective tool to capture visitor sign-ups, send unlimited follow-ups and newsletters, increasing your profits. Use the integrated Web Form Generator, with video tutorials, to create unblockable pop-ups or standard forms that are easily installed on your ...
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752 visits

BulkMailer Professional: send personalized emails to your customers

Send bulk e-mails with ease from any database or use the internal database to organize your addresses. The e-mails can be generated with personalized salutations; additional features include attachments, HTML e-mails, grouping, SQL queries, SMTP after POP, bounce management, etc. BulkMailer Pro is a ...
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1535 visits

CloudMagic: free app to quickly search documents and e-mail

By downloading this free app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, you can search and easily find the files or pages that contain certain words or phrases of text, addresses and other data in Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar, and Contacts, both on tablets and on smartphones. The search is instantaneous, ...
Rating: 10.00, 1 Votes
1189 visits

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