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Measure the speed of your Internet connection

Measure the speed of your Internet connection The actual speed of your Internet connection may vary a lot, depending on web traffic and the time of day. However, knowing the speed of the line you are using is very important, and in this section you can find useful tools to measure it for free.

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Internet Traffic Report

Your Internet surfing safari may be smooth today, but perhaps you can't reach Yahoo or a few web sites in Europe. This web site will tell you if those regions of the Internet are currently slowed down. By checking the Internet Traffic Report, you can determine if your problems are global or local. The ...
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With you measure the speed of your connection

When you open this page by Ookla will find a map of the world with a star indicating the area in which the server of your computer is located. By clicking on it, you can perform a rapid test of the connection speed of your line with an indication of the download and upload speed in Megabytes. The code ...
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Measure the speed of your Internet connection

It's a basic need to know the speed of you Internet connection and with the free Speedometer of A Beltronica you finally can check the speed of your access at every moment you are connected. Offer you friends the possibility of measuring it free of charge, by sending them an e-mail with the Speedometer. ...
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Bandwidth Place: Free Internet speed test

Are you having problems with your Internet connection or you're not sure about your broadband connection speed? Bandwidth Place offers you the possibility to check how fast (or how slow) your Internet connection is. On Bandwidth Place you can also compare prices and buy bandwidth related services like ...
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Network Speed Test: measuring your connection speed on Windows 8

This free app for Windows 8 and RT allows you to measure the speed of connection to the network (both download and upload) directly from the Start Screen. In addition, it also accounts for the ping, the latency and throughput of the network connection. This way you will know what you can afford or not ...
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