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Free software for your music files

Free software for your music files Find out the variety of things you can do with sound files and music software: editing, recording, mixing, sampling, composing, and much more.

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Switchr - free audio file converter

Are you tired to change player for each different audio file as the player you normally is not able to read the file? Switchr is a free online service where you can easily convert audio files. With a few clicks you can transform any audio file on your computer into a different format, including ringtones! ...
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Mp3 Quality Modifier: easy and free change in the quality of Mp3s

By slightly reducing the quality of the songs you stored in MP3 format you can recover a lot of space on your hard disk. Mp3 Quality Modifier helps you to do that by changing some parameters and the bit-rate. You can run it manually or by using the pre-configured options. At the end of the process, ...
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1489 visits

Free Avid software

If you enjoy movies, television, music, videogames, or virtually any other form of electronic media, you have almost certainly experienced the work of the legions of content creators who use Avid solutions to bring their creative visions to life. Avid is the world leader in nonlinear media creation ...
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566 visits

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx: great guitar software

Turn your computer into a powerful guitar effects processor with Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx. Try this software if you want to sound like your favourite rock star, or just want to make your guitar playing more exciting then you need effects. It has over 100 effects knobs, which gives you more control ...
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1108 visits

Shazam - the amazing music discovery engine for iOS

Shazam is an application that gives you the title and artist of any song playing wherever you are. Your phone listens to a few seconds of the song, analyzes it, searches some database online, then shows the information all within a few seconds. Shazam gives instant satisfaction for those times when ...
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2978 visits

MyCloudPlayers: create your free playlists online

MyCloudPlayers is a great service for music lovers always connected to the network. It allows you to easily create your own music playlists, for free, directly online, in a very user-friendly way. You just have to search for songs by artist or title through the search engine and click the + button to ...
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1921 visits

MyStream: iOS app for mobile sharing of music

You can freely download MyStream, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch enabling you to share music with your friends without sharing headphones or using a splitter. In fact, iu uses a mobile-to-mobile streaming technology by which friends can share music and audio files via Bluetooth or WiFi if they ...
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1102 visits

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