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Make free phone calls with VoIP!

Make free phone calls with VoIP! VoIP (Voice Over IP) lets you make calls through your computer for free, as long as you like, to wherever you like! It is an easy and free worldwide calling service. Learn how VoIP works and how you can save money using VoIP. Use one of the various VoIP providers you find here to make free phone calls!

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en Voiperize your phone bill!

Knock up to 66% off your phone bill with Voip. With you have unlimited calling to the US, Canada and network! It provides over 45 calling features for free, free international calling minutes, free 2nd line, free voicemail to e-mail and a money-back guarantee. Included they offer: enhanced ...
Rating: 7.00, 2 Votes
877 visits

Record your Skype calls with Skype Recorder

Registra le chiamate Skype Using Skype for your calls is cost saving. Lots of people use Skype for important (business) calls or chats and it would be great if you could register these calls as a backup. Skype has no intention to add this service, but with PistonSoft free to try Skype Recorder you can easily record and save your ...
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1691 visits

Rebtel: 10 minutes of free calls on all mobiles and abroad

Rebtel is revolutionizing the way ex-pats, exchange students, and anyone with global friends keep in touch. Rebtel offers you easy and cheap mobile to mobile international calling. They give you international calls at local rates! How? You give them the phone number of a friend in another country, and ...
Rating: 6.67, 3 Votes
2870 visits

Get Skype for your mobile or smartphone

Are you Skype-addicted? Then get the free beta version of Skype for mobile phones, smartphones or PSP, and you will be able to call your friends and chat, without WiFi or 3G and without changing operator. You only pay a local call rate for all Skype contacts anywhere in the world. This version of Skype ...
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692 visits

Voixio: Free VoIP phone and video calls for Internet users

Voice over Internet Protocol lets you make free long-distance phone calls using your computer. Voixio is the name of a UK service offering Internet users free international or national phone and video calls in exchange for watching ads. Voixio offers a Flash-based interface with panels seperated with ...
Rating: 6.00, 2 Votes
1609 visits

Forfone: free VoIP app for iPhone and Android

Forfone is a free Voip service available both on iPhone and Android mobile phones, which allows you to use several free services using your Internet connection (Wifi or 3G). Unlimited national and international calls, text messages and picture sharing between users are available for free. Additionally, ...
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321 visits

Record your Skype calls with Voipcallrecording offers you the possibility to record all your Skype calls (SkypeOut and SkypeIn) in Mp3 format. You just download this free software, and decide whether to have your calls recorded automatically or manually. It's great for business use at it also works with conference calls; plus, ...
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