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The Renaissance Kingdoms: free multiplayer online game

Milk your cow at sunrise, deal wheat bags at tea-time, overthrow the count in the evening and spend the night drunk in the gutter... The Renaissance Kingdoms is a game about power and ambition. You are placed in a community of players -a small village- and you aim at rising in the world, becoming more and more affluent and gaining influence but also remaining high in the esteem of your fellow citizens. It takes a subtle sense of balancing friendship and betrayal, hard work and compromise, to become rich and powerful, and even maybe the unchallenged leader of a realm of several thousand souls... You will then have to prove yourself both friendly and virtuous while being sly and merciless at the same time.
Rating: 9.22, 23 Votes

Language: English - Spanish - Italian - French - German

Last updated on 28-May-2019.

The Renaissance Kingdoms: free multiplayer online game since 11-Dec-2007 has been visited 4571 times and got 23 votes, with an average rating of 9.22 in a range from 0 to 10 » Rate it

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